The Idea Exchange offers customer satisfaction surveys, ISO surveys, and market research.

Others Say It Best

"Although we devote intensive efforts to discovering and understanding customer needs, nothing we've ever done has gotten inside their heads to see how they really perceive us the way your report did."
— Robert B. Wilson, President & CEO, Elgin Corrugated Box Company, Elgin, Illinois
"I don't know how to put a number on what you did for us. However, neither do I know how anyone could run a business today and sleep at night if they didn't have this kind of input." — John Mayol, President, Pacific Southwest Container, Modesto, California
"This information is literally impossible to gather by any other means than by surveying our customers by an unbiased third party." — Mike Sime, President, Creative Carton, Minneapolis, Minnesota
"The anonymous comments were very revealing. It doesn't really matter what we think about how we are doing. It's too easy to deceive ourselves. It only matters how our customers perceive us." — Rob Stease, President, Honeymoon Paper Products, West Chester, Ohio
"Our managers are using your customer survey as a living, breathing document to guide us in improving customer relations in all areas of our business."
— John Pappas, VP of Marketing, Coleman Cable, Waukegan, Illinois
"Your success rate was by far the highest in our experience, getting through to people who don't always return my calls. The results of your survey were extensive, while your rates were very reasonable, making you the best value I've found." — Roger E. Malone, Jr., Vice President, Mill Sales, Interstate Resources, Rosslyn, Virginia
"The information you have compiled from customer interviews is invaluable to us. We appreciate too the fact that you speak our industry's language and have genuine interest and expertise in the packaging field."
— Stephen C. Strine, President, Single Source LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana
"As well as we feel we know our customers, what I especially liked about this report was getting their collective perceptions all at once, instead of dribs and drabs." — Mark Bullard, General Manager, Willamette Industries, Huntsville, Alabama
"You uncovered a number of perceptions and feelings, which we've responded to and which have already resulted in significant progress in making our company a trusted supplier in the independent market." — Michael R. Harwood, Deputy Chief Executive, Pratt Industries, Conyers, Georgia
"Having just signed on as manager six months ago, I found the survey you did especially helpful, not only confirming some things I already knew, but also in highlighting other things missed because of the everyday pressures of repetitive sales transactions."
— Walter Dingus, General Manager, Greif Brothers, Fostoria, Ohio
"Having worked with many of these people for many years, we found it very interesting to read what they told a stranger — how they perceive the attention, the service, and quality they receive from us on a regular basis." — Richard Croce, President, Viking Industries, New Paltz, New York
"I would highly recommend your company to anyone who wants to know how their customers really feel."
— Jack O'Connor, Group Vice President, Amcor Sunclipse, Buena Park, California
"All in all, we were very pleased. Several customers said your interview with them was very professional—that they appreciated being able to tell someone how they feel without filling out any forms or signing their names." — Lorraine Jette, President, Jett Services, Lake Forest, Illinois