The Idea Exchange offers customer satisfaction surveys, ISO surveys, and market research.

Market Research

  Our research services apply to most product or service-based industries and organizations including, but not limited to:
Manufacturing/Converting Non-Profit Organizations
Financial/Technology Churches/Schools
Advertising Agencies Dining/Entertainment
Product Development Health/Recreation
City/County Government Human Resources
  Here, for example, are brief summaries of three product development surveys we've done:
  • A producer of interior protective packaging—partitions, foam, peanuts—was considering building a new plant in a part of the country they did not already serve. Interviewing known users in seven states, we identified the big players, their strengths and weaknesses, the potential market. Instead of building, the client bought one of the potential competitors we identified.

  • A producer of corrugated sheets wanted to determine the potential for a proprietary item in small quantities. Calling every known prospect within 300 miles of their plant, we identified several dozen buyers for this unique product. A year later the client had added nearly a dozen new accounts to their customer list.

  • A producer of special coatings asked us to identify solid prospects. Our report identified several dozen—buyer's name, current source, annual volume, sometimes even the pricing involved.
Bottom line? The Idea Exchange can deliver a tremendous amount of useful decision support information at an extremely competitive price.