The Idea Exchange offers customer satisfaction surveys, ISO surveys, and market research.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  As well as you know your customers, don't you sometimes wonder what they might tell an informed stranger if they were assured there was no way their comments could come back to haunt them?
  A properly designed and conducted survey will not only help answer the question, "How are we doing?" it can:
  • offer indications where a company's core
    competencies are weakening;
  • allow for early recognition of service or
    product opportunities;
  • tell whether your perceived performance—
    the performance that matters most, is
    commensurate with your time and energy
  Surveys conducted by an unbiased third party can reveal critical patterns, alerting you to problem areas before they become significant, so that before they do, you'll already have analyzed them, interpreted them, understood them, and taken appropriate action.
  Learn how your company is doing in six critical areas:
  • Sales Representation
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Delivery Integrity
  • Documentation
  • Competitive Comparisons
  Patterns emerge quickly as survey results are reported not only with graphs and pie charts, but with many customer comments captured and reported in their own words.
"Your success rate was by far the highest in our experience, getting through to people who don't always return my calls. The results of your survey were extensive, while your rates were very reasonable, making you the best value I've found." —Roger E. Malone, Jr., Vice President, Mill Sales, Interstate Resources, Rosslyn, Virginia