The Idea Exchange offers customer satisfaction surveys, ISO surveys, and market research.

About Us

  The Idea Exchange is a research company specializing in satisfaction and loyalty measurement.
  This primarily involves conducting surveys to measure the satisfaction of external customers but we also conduct surveys to explore potential markets, advance product development, improve employee attitudes.
  With offices in Asheville, North Carolina, The Idea Exchange has a staff that has operated at the senior management level, with the experience, communication skills, and research knowledge to ensure that projects are efficiently managed, deadlines met, and, above all, provide clear, practical, and actionable outcomes.
  The fact that The Idea Exchange specializes in satisfaction and loyalty research provides important benefits. Our total focus helps us to continually refine and develop our methodology to ensure that we remain at the leading edge of satisfaction and loyalty measurement techniques.
  • Our interviewers average ten years of experience surveying at all levels—manufacturing, converting, distribution, services.

  • They routinely get through to a very high percentage—completing meaningful interviews with 85% or more of all assigned contacts.

  • Our clients tell us we have never offended one of their survey participants. We seek to advance, if possible, the supplier/customer relationship during each interview.

  • We are affordable. We invite you to compare our services and fees with any other professional survey firm.